Mentos Sweet Review

Hello World.

It’s been a big week. Starting a new project 🙂


“Sacred is the prayer that asks for nothing.”

DIY Standing Desk :)

Santa Letter 2.0


It’s never too late to reinvent yourself :)

No one can keep you from success except yourself. When it’s time to shine, be the brightest.

My daughter’s (very early) letter to Santa


My best quote of the day

“Be psychotically helpful”

Jason Calacanis on The James Altucher Show

It started with one person. #lovearmyforsomalia for Google Docs

I’m writing this post in Google Docs!

You can now write, edit and work with others in a shared Google Doc and save it to your or Jetpack connected self hosted WordPress website. for Google Docs

The blog announcement

2017-03-08 for Google Docs - Google Docs.png